Exhaust Repair

Exhaust Repair & Service

Let’s keep the air clean inside and outside of your car. Exhaust systems prevent harmful fumes from entering the interior of your vehicle. It also helps in reducing pollutants released into the air.
A good functioning muffler and exhaust system also decreases the engine noise which means you can drive a quite running car.
In due course, certain exhaust components can break or wear out because of our rough Canadian road conditions and weather.

Exhaust Repair Vaughan - Exhaust Repair Pickering

A greater amount of expertise is required today for a muffler repair than before. This is because the car exhaust system on newer vehicles are much more advanced than they used to be a few years ago.
They contain components such as filters for soot and catalytic convertors. As well as valves and sensors that contribute to the engine running smoothly. Therefore, it is critical to be well trained and experienced when performing repair or replacement of these exhaust components.

At Transmission Depot we diagnose, supply and replace any exhaust system or their related components such as:
• exhaust pipes
• catalytic convertors
• particulate filters
• oxygen sensors
• active exhaust components like flaps and diverters

Keep your car running quietly and control the emissions by bringing your car in for an exhaust system diagnoses to Transmission Depot.

Our Exhaust System Service Includes:
• A complete inspection of all exhaust components
• Replacing all exhaust parts that are malfunctioning