Auto Electrical and Electronic Repair

Auto Electrical and Electronic Diagnostics & Repair

Today cars are now more complex than ever before. Electronic and electrical diagnostics involves many strategic steps. We are continuously training and investing in the equipment required, and technical expertise to be able to diagnose any electrical or electronic issue you car might have.

Your car’s on-board computers and automotive sensors require the right tools and equipment to be able to identify and repair the issue. Since the foundation of a cars operation is its electrical and electronic systems you need those to work well in order to be able to drive your car using all functions at your disposal. ( think of it like a human body without of its nervous system or brain ,without these components in place and functioning properly its disabled or dead.)

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We offer free preliminary system scans in order to guide you towards a correct and informed cost estimate.

Many components are using your car’s electrical system including:

• Multiple computers
• Turn signals
• Power windows
• Door locks
• Headlights
• Seats
• Mirrors
• And many more

It is now more complex and requires advanced expertise to repair today’s electrical systems because of their integration and synchronization with each other. Many components that can fail may cause an electrical issue affecting other components in the system.
The diagnostic process is extremely important for that reason. This helps avoid unnecessary and expensive parts replacement . We invest a lot of time into training our staff as well as having up to date technology to tackle all issues that come our way.

We specialize in both electrical and electronic diagnostics on all makes and models.
Keep your vehicle running at optimum level of safety and reliability and prevent many problems by bringing your car in for a diagnostic at Transmission Depot.

We provide car diagnostic testing and repair on:
• Gas and diesel engines
• Common rail diesels or direct injection
• Safety systems including airbags
• ABS systems
• Transmission Systems
• Air Suspension
• Electric power steering or hybrid vehicles

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